GANKO Software Distribution (GSD)

What is the GSD?

The GSD provides computer programs and datum produced in our lab as results from research activities.


Before you download a program or data, you need to accept our license term. The `license term' consists of (1) the general license term and (2) an individual license term provided with each program or data. If a program or data has both terms, you should accept both terms. If an individual term conflicts with general term, an individual term is valid. If a program or data does not have its own individual term, only the general term is valid.

Please read the general license term.


Currently, following materials are or will be available:

  • CHIME: The CHIME age calculation program
  • SICC: The synthesized interference color chart
  • ConoMap: The conoscopic figure simulating program
  • PS Wulff Net: Postscript format Wulff net
  • New accurate alpha-factor table for the Bence-Albee correction
  • PS Schmidt Net: Postscript format Schmidt net (under construction)
  • Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr isochron calculator (under construction)
  • Calcite-Dolomite activity calculator (under construction)
  • Characteristic X-ray and absorption edge search system (under construction)
  • York (1966) linear fitting library (under construction)

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